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Photography by Jennie Stock



That was 2017, part 1

Way back at the beginning of January 2017 I was planning to be diligent about posting on my blog this year, envisioning at least one post a month. That idea fell by the wayside rather quickly. In my defence, we... Continue Reading →

Birding in Montagu

Firstly some apologies for my absence - we've been travelling for a few weeks. My original plan was to prepare some posts to publish on the go but things got away from me and it never happened. Maybe next time!... Continue Reading →

Early morning on Rottnest

The first time I stayed over at Rottnest I was there to help with a bird banding project - banding almost always involves early starts. The first morning I rode past the beautiful scenery and shorebirds, wishing I had time... Continue Reading →

Rock parrots on Rottnest

A little while ago I spent a weekend on Rottnest Island trying to get some decent images of these gorgeous little birds. There is a very small population of Rock Parrots (Neophema petrophila) left on the island, although there are... Continue Reading →

Birding in Denmark, Western Australia

The south-west corner of Western Australia is very beautiful, but even so, the small town of Denmark stands out as a wonderful place to visit. During a short stay in January, I was very torn between birding and photographing landscapes.... Continue Reading →

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