Nature in Focus

Photography by Jennie Stock



Western Cape 2018

Autumn 2018 (in the Southern Hemisphere) saw us in Southern Africa again, beginning our trip in the Western Cape to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday with family. We did spend a couple of days in Cape Town, visiting the African... Continue Reading →

Birding in Montagu

Firstly some apologies for my absence - we've been travelling for a few weeks. My original plan was to prepare some posts to publish on the go but things got away from me and it never happened. Maybe next time!... Continue Reading →

More Montagu at sunrise

I think I broke a photography rule or two with this Montagu image - I was facing pretty much due north, looking straight toward the sun. But I love the way the reeds are backlit with the golden morning light... Continue Reading →

Montagu vineyards

Visiting family in South Africa in July gave me a great opportunity for capturing landscapes, sunrise in particular. As the country only has one time zone, sunrise in the Western Cape in winter is not too early, and I cheated... Continue Reading →

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