Nature in Focus

Photography by Jennie Stock



Australian “Blue Wrens”

Brightly-coloured male Fairy-wrens in their nuptial plumage can stop many an Australian birder in their tracks. The birds may be tiny but they more than make up for it with showiness. Most familiar are the two "Blue Wrens' - the... Continue Reading →


Denmark landscapes

One of our main reasons for visiting Denmark in January was to explore options for moving away from Perth some time in the future. Well, Denmark is very high on my list so far. Stunning scenery and a lovely variety... Continue Reading →

Birding in Denmark, Western Australia

The south-west corner of Western Australia is very beautiful, but even so, the small town of Denmark stands out as a wonderful place to visit. During a short stay in January, I was very torn between birding and photographing landscapes.... Continue Reading →

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