Insects and flowers

Tiny fly on Callistemon flower
Tiny fly on Callistemon flower

I was practising with my new macro lens on this bottlebrush or callistemon flower in the garden when a tiny fly decided to join the party. I often don’t notice the bugs until I start focusing on the flowers with my camera – perhaps I need to wear my glasses when I want to look specifically for small insects. I am impressed with the macro lens (Nikon 105mm), although I did get good results with the 60 mm (just need to be that bit closer).

With the bigger insects, like bees and dragonflies, I usually do see them unaided – of course, getting sharp shots is still a bit of a challenge. My real bugbear is butterflies – every time I try to focus they flit away – but I did manage one decent butterfly image this year. Sometimes I think I should stick to the big slow caterpillars!

Some of these images are in one of my Redbubble calendars for 2015.


One thought on “Insects and flowers”

  1. Beautiful macros. I had a pair of binoculars once that had a very close focusing distance. That made them great for checking out macro possibilities before deciding to set up, or having to get down on hands and knees. Sorry I lost those! There are very few binocs. that will focus that close.

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