Wild flowers in Western Australia

Common fringe lily (Thysanotus tuberosus)
Common fringe lily (Thysanotus tuberosus)

Western Australia has an amazing variety of wild flowers, many of them unique to the region. Spring is unsurprisingly the optimum time for chasing flowers with your camera, but there is almost always something flowering at any time of the year. Some, like the fringe lily above and a few in the selection below, are tiny and need some careful hunting to find. They also often involve strange contortions to photograph, which is fine when they are in our own garden or in a quiet patch of bush, but can lead to funny looks at more public places like Kings Park.

This next selection includes some of the distinctively Australian plants, such as grevilleas, banksias, eucalypts and verticordias. These are often much bigger plants with easily recognisable flowers, although some can still be tricky to identify correctly. Very interesting plants and flowers, I sometimes find it quite challenging to do them justice – getting a photographically appealing image that is still recognisable (to my botanist hubby, particularly) is not always easy. And of course, we won’t mention the dratted breezes, the enemy of all flower photographers!


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