Nature in Focus

Photography by Jennie Stock


Dryandra Woodland

Dryandra Woodland Village

I thought I'd finish off my Dryandra posts with a few images taken in and around the wonderful Lions Dryandra Village- we've stayed here a few times and always been very impressed. The cottages were originally built to house the... Continue Reading →

Dryandra birding

Dryandra and the surrounding area is always good value from a birding point of view, particularly considering the proximity to Perth (about 2 hours driving). From a photography point of view, I appreciate the fact that I can just wander... Continue Reading →

Spring in Dryandra

It is already starting to feel like spring in Perth - the days are warming up and flowers are appearing everywhere. As I haven't had much chance to get out with the camera so far this year, I thought I'd... Continue Reading →

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