I was born in Pietermaritzburg in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa and grew up on the Natal South Coast. My parents were very interested in nature, particularly birds, and this had a huge influence on me.  Many  holidays were spent in places like the Kruger National Park and the Drakensberg mountains. Our house was surrounded by natural bush; there were always many birds around as well as the occasional snake and other creepy crawlies. My dad was a keen wildlife photographer then – I remember going along with him to photographic competitions and seeing awesome slides of animals and plants.

I studied zoology at university in Pietermaritzburg, then library science, and ended up in Cape Town working as a specialist science librarian (I love books!). Cape Town has the most amazing scenery and extremely interesting plants. My husband is a botanist so I have been exposed to even more of the natural world through him and his work. Currently we live in Perth in Western Australia. WA has a stunning range of scenery, plants and animals.

My mother is very artistic; she can create the most amazing things with fabric and embroidery, and my sister can draw and paint beautifully. I have always wanted to find a creative outlet and hope I finally have.